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Album: Hate It Or Love It [free mp3]

Release: 2007 year
Artist: Chingy
Album Tracks: 14 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Hate It Or Love It download


File Size      #
1. Chingy - Intro (Produced By L.T. Moe).mp3 (1.13mb) download
2. Chingy - Hate It Or Love It (Produced By The Co-Stars).mp3 (6.94mb) download
3. Chingy - Check My Swag (Produced By Michael Davis).mp3 (4.90mb) download
4. Chingy - Fly Like Me (Feat. Amerie) (Produced By L.T. Moe).mp3 (5.89mb) download
5. Chingy - Kick Drum (Produced By Jared Gosselin).mp3 (5.32mb) download
6. Chingy - Gimme Dat (Feat. Ludacris & Bobby Valentino) (Produced By Full Scale).mp3 (6.23mb) download
7. Chingy - All Aboard (Ride It) (Feat. Steph Jones) (Produced By Calvo Da Gr8).mp3 (6.63mb) download
8. Chingy - Trickin' Off (Skit) (Produced By L.T. Moe).mp3 (0.56mb) download
9. Chingy - Spend Some $ (Feat. Trey Songz) (Produced By Bei Maejor).mp3 (5.03mb) download
10. Chingy - 2 Kool 2 Dance (Produced By L.T. Moe).mp3 (5.35mb) download
11. Chingy - Lovely Ladies (Produced By Khao).mp3 (6.00mb) download
12. Chingy - How We Feel (Feat. Anthony Hamilton) (Produced By L.T. Moe).mp3 (6.08mb) download
13. Chingy - Roll On 'em (Feat. Rick Ross) (Produced By L.T. Moe).mp3 (6.98mb) download
14. Chingy - Blockstar (Produced By The Ghost Writers).mp3 (7.50mb) download

Album: Hoodstar [free mp3]

Release: 2006 year
Artist: Chingy
Album Tracks: 13 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Hoodstar download


File Size      #
1. Chingy - Intro (Rid'in Wit Me).mp3 (3.17mb) download
2. Chingy - Hands Up.mp3 (8.40mb) download
3. Chingy - Club Gettin' Crowded (Feat. Th...).mp3 (7.75mb) download
4. Chingy - Nike Aurr's and Crispy Tee's.mp3 (6.87mb) download
5. Chingy - Bounce That.mp3 (6.04mb) download
6. Chingy - Cadillac Door (Feat. Midwest C...).mp3 (6.49mb) download
7. Chingy - Dem Jeans (Feat. Jermaine Dupr...).mp3 (5.87mb) download
8. Chingy - Pullin' Me Back (Feat. Tyrese).mp3 (5.77mb) download
9. Chingy - U A Freak (Nasty Girl; Feat....).mp3 (6.33mb) download
10. Chingy - Brand New Kicks (Feat. Mannie...).mp3 (7.42mb) download
11. Chingy - Ass N Da Aurr (Feat. Spiffey).mp3 (6.39mb) download
12. Chingy - Let Me Luv U.mp3 (8.92mb) download
13. Chingy - Lets Ride (Feat. Fatman Scoop).mp3 (6.39mb) download

Album: Powerballin' [free mp3]

Release: 2004 year
Artist: Chingy
Album Tracks: 19 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Powerballin' download


File Size      #
1. Chingy - Haters 101 (Intro).mp3 (3.88mb) download
2. Chingy - Give Em Some Mo.mp3 (4.65mb) download
3. Chingy - Fall'N (featuring G.I.B.).mp3 (5.69mb) download
4. Chingy - Balla Baby.mp3 (5.61mb) download
5. Chingy - Jackpot The Pimp Pt. 2 (Skit).mp3 (1.05mb) download
6. Chingy - Leave Wit Me (featuring R. Kelly and Ziggy).mp3 (5.98mb) download
7. Chingy - Make That Ass Talk (featuring Ziggy).mp3 (5.90mb) download
8. Chingy - I Do.mp3 (6.52mb) download
9. Chingy - Don't Worry (featuring Janet Jackson).mp3 (7.53mb) download
10. Chingy - All The Way To St. Lou (featuring David Banner & Nate Dogg).mp3 (5.76mb) download
11. Chingy - 26's (featuring Lil' Wayne).mp3 (6.98mb) download
12. Chingy - We Clubbin'.mp3 (6.97mb) download
13. Chingy - We Do (featuring Bun B).mp3 (5.69mb) download
14. Chingy - Wurr Da Git It Gurlz At (featuring G.I.B.).mp3 (6.32mb) download
15. Chingy - Bring Da Beef (featuring G.I.B.).mp3 (7.75mb) download
16. Chingy - (Outro).mp3 (4.36mb) download
17. Chingy - Balla Baby Remix (Bonus Track- featuring Lil' Flip and Boozie of the G.I.B.).mp3 (6.69mb) download
18. Chingy - What Up Wit It (Bonus Track - featuring G.I.B.).mp3 (6.17mb) download
19. Chingy - Don't Really Care (Bonus Track).mp3 (6.43mb) download

Album: Jackpot [free mp3]

Release: 2003 year
Artist: Chingy
Album Tracks: 17 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Jackpot download


File Size      #
1. Chingy - Jackpot Intro.mp3 (0.56mb) download
2. Chingy - He's Herre.mp3 (4.57mb) download
3. Chingy - Represent (featuring Tity Boi, I-20).mp3 (6.31mb) download
4. Chingy - Right Thurr.mp3 (6.28mb) download
5. Chingy - Jackpot the Pimp (Skit).mp3 (1.69mb) download
6. Chingy - Wurrs My Cash.mp3 (6.83mb) download
7. Chingy - Chingy Jackpot.mp3 (6.21mb) download
8. Chingy - Sample Dat Ass (featuring Murphy Lee).mp3 (7.67mb) download
9. Chingy - One Call Away (featuring Jason Weaver).mp3 (6.93mb) download
10. Chingy - Dice Game (Skit).mp3 (1.48mb) download
11. Chingy - Gettin' It.mp3 (6.69mb) download
12. Chingy - Holidae In (featuring Ludacris and Snoop Dogg).mp3 (7.87mb) download
13. Chingy - Juice.mp3 (7.10mb) download
14. Chingy - F*ck Dat Nigga (Skit).mp3 (2.65mb) download
15. Chingy - Madd @ Me.mp3 (5.84mb) download
16. Chingy - Bagg Up.mp3 (5.05mb) download
17. Chingy - Right Thurr (Remix; Bonus Track).mp3 (5.57mb) download

[ Connells: Hey You ]

Artist: Connells
Song: Hey You

Words: David Connell, Mike Connell, and Doug MacMillan
Music: David Connell and Mike Connell
Standing back before the angels get to me,
Well it seems such a sorry waste of time.
Holding back on these who want the best for me.
I guess I can't be blamed for trying.
It's really very funny how it wears me down,
Waiting for that something.
Hey you, well I'm sorry but it's time to let you know.
Hey you, and it's sounds a bit like preaching.
I'd bend over backwards to let you know.
Rolling back around the numbers on the wall,
Well it's sad 'cause I don't have much to show.
Standing back before the angels get to me,
Well it seems the better way to go.

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